360 Degree Forecasting

Learn the 360 Degree Forecasting Methodology

This free, 37-page eBook is all original content written by Mary Brettmann, President of Beverage Business Builders. Mary's years of expertise are poured into this effective financial methodology that she has taught many of her clients. The 360 Degree Forecasting eBook provides a forecasting overview, as well as details of an income forecast, a capital forecast, and a cash forecast methodology. This version is specific to breweries and highlights the challenges they face in forecasting for their business, along with clear solutions.

360 Degree Forecasting ebook

Inside the eBook:

  • Forecasting Overview: Discusses what management wants to see, your time horizon, the different types of forecasts, and forecast documents.
  • Income Forecast: Learn how to separate between direct and fixed expenses, how to use profit margins to your advantage, and how to know when you will break-even, and more.
  • Capital Forecast: Learn about the capital forecast; the missing piece to understanding forecasting income and cash needed over a certain period of time.
  • Cash Forecast Methodology: Learn about cash receipts, cash disbursements, net cash, and ending cash, and how the 360 Forecast brings it all together.


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Example Spreadsheets Included

cash forecasting history spreadsheet

In addition to the eBook, this download includes an in-depth Excel file with five tabs of example spreadsheets. These spreadsheets detail the concepts discussed in the book and include worksheets for:

  • Cash Forecast
  • Income Statement Forecast
  • Capital Forecast
  • Cash Forecasting History
  • 360 Reconcilliation Waterfall 









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