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There is no greater need for advice than at the beginning of operations. Opening for business is a really busy time for the company. Here are some examples of guidance we can provide in the startup to local phase.

Prior to ordering material we will:

  1. Provide guidance to the creation and management of a filing system.  This includes accounting files as well as HR and safety files.
  2. Provide guidance on the creation of an IT infrastructure.  We will cover networking options, guest wifi and backup issues. 
  3. Review the brewing worksheet for lot number and QC data inclusion.
  4. Provide suggestions on the setup and layout of each warehouse.
  5. Review chart of accounts and proposed divisional accounting.
  6. Provide guidance on the selection and configuration of the point of sale system.
  7. Setup and customize QuickBooks financial software specifically to the company’s current and future needs.
  8. Discuss product labeling options.
  9. Provide assistance in establishing good vendor relations including the creation of business terms.
  10.  Automate as many data feeds into QuickBooks as possible (including payroll and POS system)
  11. Teach the organization how to order, receive and manage inventory.
  12. Setup all accounting processes.
  13. Document all accounting processes.

Once production has begun:

  1. Teach everyone who has a hand in the system, the efficient and effective way to handle inventory from a physical and system standpoint. 
  2. Review safety protocols and a timeline for implementation.
  3. Review physical inventory counts for areas of improvement.
  4. Review costing on all levels and adjust as needed.
  5. Begin the cash forecasting worksheet.
  6. Ensure that the point of sale information is flowing smoothly to QuickBooks.
  7. Document the inventory flow and process.

Once production has stabilized:

  1. Create regular KPI (key performance indicators) reporting
  2. Stabilize the cash forecasting worksheet.
  3. Review inventory counts for areas of improvement.
  4. Future implementation HR and safety guidelines.
  5. Start reviewing data warehouse options.
  6. Review 2016 budget.  Suggest additional areas to cover in the budget.
  7. Enhance forecasting with the use of sales forecasting and MRP (materials resource planning)--Obeer required

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