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Mary Brettman, Beverage Business BuildersBeverage Business Builders is dedicated to people who want to do things right in their business. Our passion is helping companies grow to the next level, no matter where they are in their journey. If you want to start brewing commercially, we will help you think like a business. If you want to open a taproom (east of the Mississippi) or tasting room (west of the Mississippi), we will explain what you need and how you need to do it. If you want to expand into another territory, we can tell you how to prepare and what challenges you may face.

View our experience and contact us for free consultation during which we will discuss your business needs and how we can help you reach your goals.

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Start Up

From beverage maker to business owner, you created the beer. Now it’s time to create the business. Let us help take you from concept to bottle, and actually opening up for business.

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Congratulations! People love your beer, but success breeds a whole new set of challenges. Lucky for you, we’ve been there and can help you get to the next stage of your thriving business.

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Distributors are romancing you, telling you that there is a ready market for your beer in their area. We can help with long range planning, a material resource plan, and picking the right distribution channels.

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Recent Blog Posts

Aug 19, 2019
beer and cannabis In this era of choice, it’s important to take a step back and appreciate the amazing flexibility of the brewing process. No other process can create the amount of different tastes; a wine will always taste like a wine, a spirit like a spirit, and so on. Not true when it comes to the brewing process. Fermentation can take on several different tastes de...
Aug 11, 2019
male friends at brewery Trends in the beverage industry change quickly and it can be tough to know how to address them for the success of your brewery. What drives the trends and the crowds? What motivates a customer to be brand-loyal? Does your brewery need to spend a lot of money chasing the trends in order to stay relevant? I address each of these questions...
Jul 12, 2019
toasting at a brewery Regularly, the question comes up in conversation: Mary, what is it exactly that you do? The thing is, what I do just doesn't fit into a 30-second elevator speech. To best outline the type of success I bring to breweries, I would like to share my process and the key elements involved along the way....
May 21, 2019
ekos brewmaster logo Ekos Brewmaster, craft beer focused business management software, has come a long way from my first initial meeting with them after the Portland Craft Brewers Conference in 2015. Josh and Greg were new on the scene and were full of big ideas. After reviewing the product, I told them that they needed to add functionality before I could fully get...
May 13, 2019
seltzer-1 While attending the California Craft Brewers Association 2019 Spring Meeting last week in San Diego I was struck by the number of people attending this conference. It felt well-attended and the sessions really tried to give something to everyone. There were beginning, intermediate, and advanced sessions. I finally got quantitative proof proving my point that the craft be...
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